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Project locatie


drs. R. Rutten
Postbus 154
7400 AD Deventer
Tel.: 0570-500 100
Fax: 0570-500 115
prof.dr. G.M. Schippers
Meibergdreef 5
1062XD Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-4087861
Fax : 020-408786
Bureau Bêta
drs. T.G. Broekman
Carnotstraat 2
6533 DT  Nijmegen
Tel.:   024-344 06 69
Fax :   024-344 44 57

Scientific Steering Committee

Prof.dr. W. van den Brink AIAR, Amsterdam
Dr. V.M. Hendriks Parnassia Addiction Research Center (PARC), The Hague
Prof.dr. G.L. van Heck Tilburg University
Prof.dr. C.A.J. de Jong Novadic-Kentron & Radboud University NISPA, Nijmegen
Dr. M. Koeter AIAR, Amsterdam
Dr H. van de Mheen IVO, Rotterdam
Drs. R. Rutten Tactus, Deventer

First project


Development of specifications for the measuring of patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment

ZON-Mw project nr 31000045


September 2002-August 2003


Professional substance abuse treatment is dependent on good measurement of the physical, social and mental characteristics of their (potential) patients. A set of instruments that can measure these characteristics in a valid, reliable and practical feasible way, for both screening, diagnosing and monitoring is strongly needed. There are no instruments available that do so. The only instrument that has some wider use in the Netherlands, the ASI (version 5), has major shortcomings, since it is too laborious, a-theoretical and lacking important elements, most prominent in social functioning and its ability to measure change. This one-year project is the first phase in a stepwise plan in which the specifications, and a grant proposal for the development and evaluation of a new (set of) instrument(s) will be laid out. In close cooperation with the treatment field, whose commitment is essential, the needs of practitioners will be surveyed and options for new tools will be selected on the basis of existing literature, other instruments and experiences in other countries. As a conceptual framework the recently issued ICF by the WHO forms a promising strong foundation.

Second project


Development of an instrument assessing patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment

ZON-Mw project nr 31000068


November 2003-October 2006


The preceding ZON-Mw project nr 31000045 "Developing specifications for the measuring of patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment", concluded that a new instrument (or better: family of instruments) could be developed on the basis of the WHO ICD/ICD framework. The proposed project involves: 1) selecting the relevant domains from this framework; 2) constructing, testing, and implementing a yes/no needs assessment questionnaire on all relevant domains, 3) the adoption and adaptation of existing scales for a psychometrically more refined measurement of the three most important domains for triage: dependency, comorbidity, and social integration. The instrument will be flexible and feasible in a variety of clinical situations and patient groups. The development has the commitment of key institutions in the addiction field. Three sub projects will enrich the results and promote implementation.


Broekman, T.G., Schippers, G.M., Koeter, M.W.J., & van den Brink, W. (2004). Standardized assessment in substance abuse treatment in the Netherlands: The case of the Addiction Severity Index and new developments. Journal of Substance Use, 9, 147-155.

Schippers, G. M., Broekman, T. G., Koeter, M. W. J. & van den Brink, W. (2004) The Addiction Severity Index as a first generation instrument: commentary on ‘Studies of the reliability and validity of the ASI’ by K. Mäkelä. Addiction, 99, 416–417.

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